Proactive Care for Nonprofits

GroundWork group is a leading provider of nonprofit technology services and solutions. With more than ten years of experience working with a diverse group of nonprofits, we have the expertise to deliver sustainable technology support for your environment.

“You stay focused on your cause – We’ll stay focused on your technology”

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Asset 1@4x  Reliable Cost Forecasting

Hardware as a Service is offered on a fixed monthly payment, enabling nonprofits to reliably forecast their IT costs over several years. All support, maintenance, and repair costs are included in one price.

Asset 2@4x  Up to Date Technology

Every 36 months, we will replace your computer hardware with brand new equipment that reflects the needs of your organization. As more nonprofits embrace digital media, online software subscriptions, and tablets, the technology they use needs to change with them.

Asset 8 Security and Reliability

Nonprofits rarely have the resources available to maintain their systems, protect their data, and keep their systems backed up in the event of a disaster. Our Hardware as a Service solution includes monitoring, anti-virus, and unlimited technical support.

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Asset 2@4x   What are Managed Services?

They are the outsourcing of all your IT needs to a managed service provider. This creates a trusted partnership so you can focus on your mission and don't have to worry about IT. it's like having your own IT department whenever you need it.

Asset 3@4x   How do they work?

GWG has our own software installed on your network that will let us proactively prevent and stop most issues before they happen. Not all issues are preventable and when they do occur, our team is easily accessible. Simply email our helpdesk or give us a call for prompt resolution.

Asset 1@4x   What is the cost of this service?

As a managed services provider, its our responsibility to keep your IT running smoothly. For a fixed monthly price based on your organization, we assume the responsibility to manage your IT. this keeps your costs predictable and your support reliable. No more surprise bills when something happens.

How does Managed Services benefit a nonprofit?

These services shift all of the risk off of the non-profit. If software or hardware breaks down, you will have a trusted professional IT provider ready to resolve the issue for you. Response times are much faster and many issues can be solved remotely, eliminating travel days.

Does GWg offer free assessments?

Yes! We believe the first step for any nonprofit considering Managed Services is understanding your current IT environment. As part of our nonprofit mission, we provide a free assessment for any nonprofit considering outsourced IT services.
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Asset 9 Cloud Solutions

GroundWork group can assist with your virtual off-site data solutions including Microsoft Office 365. There is no need to purchase or maintain an on-site server for your email, data storage and backup needs, when Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint are available via web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Asset 8 Need help with your security?

A Security Assessment Specialist dedicated to serving your organization will assist in completing your nonprofit assessment. This will help you understand your security vulnerabilities and how to eliminate them.
Asset 10 Groundwork group is also available to help with special projects & other technical support on an hourly basis.


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