Crowdfunding for Basic Needs


The NeighborRelief fundraising platform is the first and only solution focused specifically on helping nonprofits administer and successfully engage donors in financial assistance programs for basic needs like phone bills, utilities, food or rent.

Using NeighborRelief, nonprofit staff can create a short profile story for an individual or family that has come to them for help that is anonymous, relatable, dignified and respectful. Staff can then request support from donors for specific needs such as a utility bill that’s at risk of disconnection. Once a need is funded, NeighborRelief automatically transfers donor gifts to dozens of supported service providers so they can be applied quickly, securely and directly to the client’s account.

Supporting Our Neighbors Directly

The Need

Each year, tens of millions of Americans are thrust into an unexpected personal financial crisis due to a sudden job loss, medical problem, catastrophic event, vehicle breakdown, or countless other life events. If gone unsupported, they can quickly find themselves in a downward spiral that can lead to bankruptcy, utility shutoffs, loss of housing, foregone medications, hunger and more. The nonprofit sector works hard to administer financial assistance but it has been stuck using inadequate tools and restrictive government funding that excludes many people in need. After conducting focus groups with dozens of nonprofits and foundations, we learned that financial assistance is usually administered manually and are very time-consuming . Add to this the challenge of navigating a complex network of providers who all function differently and you can see why this is a big problem.

Our Solution

By using a more efficient fundraising and payment solution, NeighborRelief helps nonprofits save time, raise more money and help more people obtain the financial help they need. They are also able to engage a new generation of donors who want a intimate connection to the neighbors they are helping and reassurance that their donation is going directly for its intended purpose.

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