Mission Based Solutions

Focusing on what matters most “Our Community”. Mission Based Solutions have been proven to keep nonprofits mission driven by producing mission based results while cultivating and attracting donors.

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Peer to Peer Fundraising

Individuals, families and teams tap into their personal networks and extend your reach…connecting nonprofits with new donors.
Participants create their own personal web profile and tell their personal story and passion for the cause.


Database Selection and Implementation

Donations setup to go straight into your organization’s bank account, no commission fees from your donations,secure online donation processing of credit card transactions using SSL encryption technology. Automatic “Thank You” email notices to all donors and registrants. Administrator access to perform any necessary adjustments and to monitor progress to serve your organization’s mission based needs.


Website Development

GWg puts your plans and recommendations into action with website consultation and design of customizable systems that match the look & feel of your brand.

See some of our concept designs! 


Mobile Applications

Registration and all data are yours, stored and accessible anytime and from anywhere.