Custom Solutions

Because one-size-fits-all technology isn't good enough

Custom Solutions

Social problems are complex and so are their solutions. Yet far too many organizations settle for generic, one-size-fits-all technology. They quickly find themselves plagued with workarounds and limitations. While generic technology can be helpful, our partners have found that custom solutions are worth the investment because it guarantees their technology does exactly what they need. The result is a more efficient, impactful organization that is also more appealing to funders. As an experienced custom technology provider, we provide a level of value unmatched by for-profit competitors.

Crowdfunding for Basic Needs

Event-Based Fundraising

Program Management

Custom Applications

Does your organization have needs that go beyond what a website can provide? That’s where a custom application can make all the difference in helping you operate more effectively. Our custom applications include a wide variety of data collection, fundraising and program management capabilities. Let us help you increase your efficiency, expand your capacity and grow your impact. We work very closely with our nonprofit clients to understand their needs and goals to ensure each custom application we develop is effective, impactful and easy-to-use.

Custom Websites

Many people discover your organization for the very first time through a Google search. When they do, and they see your website, what is their first impression going to be? Is it modern and easy to navigate? Are the pictures captivating? Does it tell a compelling story that they want to keep learning about? We have helped many organization design and develop custom WordPress websites to ensure their visitors have a great first impression and overall experience.

Our Process

1. Kickoff

We will meet with you to understand your needs, define your goals and create an initial technology roadmap. Next, you will receive a custom proposal and project timeline.

2. Design

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, we can start to design the look and feel of your solution. We will work closely with your team to ensure that the final design meets your expectations.

3. Develop

In the development phase we work closely with your team to incrementally build out your custom solution. You will be included each step of the way to verify progress and test it out at each milestone.

4. Launch & Grow

The most exciting step! After a final review and a personalized training with your staff, we will publish your new solution. We will continue to provide ongoing support and assist you with future enhancements.

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