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We help nonprofits develop data driven strategies to grow and thrive.

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What is Your Data Saying?

Nonprofit data can be complex, disconnected and difficult to understand. This can make it time-consuming to gather data and analyze the impact you create in the community. We utilize Google Analytics and Logi Analytics to analyze your data and turn it into valuable, actionable insights. 

Leverage Your Data

Data must be thoughtfully collected and linked together to ensure accessibility, reliability, and reporting efficiency. Data Integration is the process of connecting data from various sources into a single data tool or report suite. Having a reliable, holistic set of data can decrease reporting time and enable more confident, data-informed decision-making throughout your nonprofit.
GroundWork group can assist you with Data Collection and Integration, Data Analytics, and Data Visualization.

Data Analytics

Leverage your data to develop deeper insights, inform strategy, and expand your impact. Data analytics is the process of using the data you already collect to develop deeper insights and uncover trends. We can help you understand the motivations behind your stakeholders’ actions and uncover hidden truths that will help you make confident decisions and drive strategy.

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