What is your data telling you?

Nonprofit data can be complex, disconnected and difficult to understand. This can make it onerous to gather data and analyze the impact you create in the community. Our business intelligence solutions help nonprofits navigate the process of turning data into valuable, actionable insights.

Our solutions span all three business intelligence pillars:

  • Data Collection and Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

By employing these techniques, we help nonprofits develop data driven strategies to grow and thrive. Learn more about how each business intelligence pillar can be used to support your nonprofit below.

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Data Collection & Integration

Data must be thoughtfully collected and linked together to ensure accessibility, reliability, and reporting efficiency. Data Integration is the process of connecting data from various sources into a single data tool or report suite. Having a reliable, holistic set of data can decrease reporting time and enable more confident, data-informed decision-making throughout your nonprofit.

We help nonprofits with Data Collection & Integration in the following ways:

  • Collect data more effectivity and accurately
  • Integrate different data sources for seamless analysis

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Data Analytics

Leverage your data to develop deeper insights, inform strategy, and expand your impact. Data analytics is the process of using the data you already collect to develop deeper insights and uncover trends. We can help you understand the motivations behind your stakeholder’s actions and uncover hidden truths that will help you make confident decisions and drive strategy.

We can also help you streamline complex or time consuming data analysis processes by using automated analysis tools. By streamlining and automating these processes, you can significantly reduce errors and regain valuable staff time.

We help nonprofits with data analysis in any of the following ways:

  • Leverage data to discover trends and develop new insights
  • Save staff time and eliminate errors by automating current processes
  • Implement real-time reporting to spot trends and anomalies sooner

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Data Visualization

Highlight your impact through visual representations that engage, inspire, and convey your mission. Data visualization is the process of turning large amounts of raw data, graphs or tables into powerful visual representations that compel action and ensure your message is understood.

This is especially important for nonprofits, who must engage and motivate new people to serve and advocate for their communities. Data visualization is one of the most effective ways to stand out in a sea of worthy causes and inspire people to support your mission.

We help nonprofits with data visualization in the following ways:

  • Increase your data’s impact using visuals that speak to your audience
  • Highlight the takeaways from your data to engage and inspire action

We also offer Data Visualization training courses to educate your staff on how to communicate the value of your data in the most effective and relatable way. Please email Jena at jalbers@groundworkgroup.org for more information.

Dashboards are a helpful form of data visualization that can illustrate impact in real-time. They can also include filter criteria and interactive drill-down capabilities. Dashboards can be used internally to help manage operations and guide internal decisions, or they can be used externally to educate the community about your cause, convey your impact to donors, and inform policymakers.

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