Valemee system

Valemee (pronounced “val-eh-mee”) is an inclusive gym offering personal training and gym membership for clients as well as a fitness professional trainer certification program. Valemee Fitness has a special focus on assisting clients with unique neurological, developmental or physical needs as they pursue lifelong fitness. Valemee’s name is derived from “value me, empower me” in reference to its unique social purpose of ensuring individuals with unique needs are empowered to lead healthy, fit lives.

Valemee has developed a proprietary exercise system to promote inclusion across a wide range of physical, developmental and neurological abilities. After serving hundreds of people at its own gym, Valemee set out to digitize its proprietary exercise system. In doing so, Valemee could better serve its clients, measure the positive effects of fitness for individuals with special needs, and make its proprietary system available to other gyms in furtherance of its mission. 

After studying their needs and gym environment carefully, we designed and built a progressive web app that is unlike any fitness app on the market. The primary user is a trainer at an inclusive gym who can access the app on a phone or tablet as they move freely throughout the gym, and by computer when they are back in the office. The app allows trainers to conduct a physical readiness assessment, enroll a new client, record workouts and conduct occasional fitness tests to evaluate someone’s fitness gains over time. It has many unique features such as quick recall of a client’s diagnosis, allergies, trigger words, and emergency contact. It also tracks a client’s goals, level of independence, and mood before and after working out. All of this can be done in real-time, reducing the time-intensity of processes previously conducted on paper. The Valemee app is also connected to a powerful analytics tool for data analysis and visualization. 

Thank you for being a leader and advocate for those who are differently-abled within our communities.

We share your belief that everyone deserves to experience optimal levels of health and fitness that lead to greater independence, personal growth and lifelong health.