Data Analytics

With the increased adoption of technology over the past decade, what was previously kept on paper is now all digital. The challenge for nonprofits is that their data is complex, disconnected, and disparate. There is so much data, and it lives in so many places, that few nonprofits have the internal capability to pull it all together, analyze it, and deliver it to stakeholders via reports and visualizations. Their individual constraints are further magnified because the data is not being shared nor combined across the community, inhibiting the aggregate needs of the community from being understood, predicted, and addressed.

During the summer of 2016, GWg interviewed dozens of nonprofits ranging in size, causes, and levels of sophistication. Nearly all respondents recognized the need for data driven decision making, but over 77% responded that they are significantly challenged or unable to analyze their own data because it is generated and housed in disparate places. 48% of interviewees expressed that data analytics, which is the science of using historical data to draw conclusions, is a critical need for their organization. GWg offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution that can be shared with multiple nonprofits in the community.

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How we help you with your data.

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Data Integration is the effort required to integrate disparate data.
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Data Analysis is the process of systematically applying statistical and/or logical techniques to describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate data.
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Data visualization is the graphical display of abstract information for data analysis and communications to stakeholders. As nonprofits, we take pride in sharing our mission through stories and data visualization is a new solution to further engage funders, donors and community leaders. Our cloud based solution enables us to provide you a solution without any requirement to move your data from your existing source.
Community Dashboards can help nonprofits, program funders, and grant makers illustrate program impact in real time and over extended periods of time. Our cloud based solutions can aggregate data from many nonprofit organizations and government funders serving the same community into one visual interactive display. As data is updated at the individual sources, the dashboard is automatically updated to provide the latest results and trends. In a recent study by GroundWork group with Columbus based nonprofits • Ninety-six percent of nonprofits said they recognized the need for data driven decision making in their organization and forty-eight percent expressed a critical need for data analytics. • Almost half of nonprofits expressed their inability to capture consistent data and understanding what data needs to be collected to solve their specific problems.
GroundWork group loves supporting our nonprofits. Attached are tools that can be useful to a nonprofit learning how to use data analytics.     Data Analytics