Business Intelligence

Nonprofit data can be complex, disconnected and hard to understand. This can make it difficult to gather data and analyze the impact you create in the community. Our business intelligence solutions can help your nonprofit navigate through the process of turning your data into actionable insights.

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The Pillars of Business Intelligence

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Unify your data into a single source to increase data access, reliability, and reporting efficiency. Data Integration is the process of unifying your data in a single data source that is reliable, accessible, and connected to everything you do as an organization. The state of your data can greatly impact how well your organization functions. Having a reliable set of data can decrease reporting time and help support confident decision making throughout your nonprofit.
Leverage your data to develop deeper insights, inform strategy, and expand your impact.

Data analytics is the process of using the data you already collect to develop deeper insights and uncover trends. We can help you understand the motivations behind your stakeholder’s actions and uncover hidden truths that will help you make confident decisions and drive strategy. At GWg, we understand that behind your data are the people who make your mission and impact possible. We use data analytics to uncover hidden truths about your people and processes so you can make confident decisions and drive long term strategy.

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Highlight your impact through visual representations that engage, inspire, and convey your mission.

Data visualization is the process of turning large amounts of raw data, graphs, tables, and images into a cohesive and concise visual representation of your mission. This is especially important for nonprofits, where reaching a larger audience and engaging new people are fundamental in your ability to continue to serve and advocate for your communities.

Taking abstract information and turning it into a visualization can help readers understand and absorb your message, as well as reach a wider audience. Using data visualization, GWg can help you stand out in a sea of worthy causes and inspire people to believe in your mission.

To learn more about Data Visualization download our flier here.

Community Dashboards can help nonprofits, program funders, and grant makers illustrate program impact in real time and over extended periods of time. Our cloud based solutions can aggregate data from many nonprofit organizations and government funders serving the same community into one visual interactive display. As data is updated at the individual sources, the dashboard is automatically updated to provide the latest results and trends. In a recent study by GroundWork group with Columbus based nonprofits • Ninety-six percent of nonprofits said they recognized the need for data driven decision making in their organization and forty-eight percent expressed a critical need for data analytics. • Almost half of nonprofits expressed their inability to capture consistent data and understanding what data needs to be collected to solve their specific problems.

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